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Man Must Visit African-American Museum After Noose Incident



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    A white construction superintendent must visit the African-American Museum in Philadelphia as part of his sentence for waving a noose at a black man.

    Along with the museum visit, Montgomery County Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy also sentenced 59-year-old James Staab Wednesday to spend the next four weekends behind bars.

    Authorities say the victim was a subcontractor who transported appliances to the Fort Washington construction company where Staab worked.

    Police say Staab held a noose over the victim's head on May 9, 2013, while his truck was being loaded. The victim told police that Staab asked him, "Why don't black people like the noose?"

    Authorities say Staab also showed the noose to another black worker.

    But an attorney for Staab said his client always referred to the rope as a "slip knot" and it had been on his truck for years in the same condition.

    Staab had no idea the noose was offensive -- part of the reason Judge Demchick-Alloy imposed the museum visit as part of his sentencing, according to Staab's lawyer, who added that ethnic indimidation and harassment charges were dismissed.

    Judge Demchick-Alloy sentenced Staab on Wednesday after finding him guilty of disorderly conduct.