“Shahs of Sunset”: MJ Reveals Details of Reza's Secret “Classy, Raunchy” Bachelor Party

Mercedes Javid (MJ) is ready to dish on her new-found life balance, and what it takes to throw the best gay bachelor party.

After four tumultous seasons on Bravo's hit docu-drama "Shahs of Sunset," the outspoken Javid says her life finally "feels like a well-oiled machine." Javid explains she is exercising regularly, has "totally cut drinking down to what is for me really reasonable–maybe 90 percent less," is proud she has found the power to say "no," and learned "how to disappoint people and be OK with it."

One person who will not be not be disappointed nor hear the word no, she assures, is her soon-to-be-married best friend Reza Farahan. On "Shahs" as in real life, Javid is Farahan's maid of honor for his upcoming wedding to fiance Adam Neely. One of her duties: plan the best bachelor party.

"When you’re planning a bachelor party for your gay best friend, who is a whore and wants to sow his wild oats, it’s important to say, ‘Yes. Yes. Yes,'" said Javid on last week's episode. "The sky’s the limit: lots of gold, lots of dollars, lots of toys." According to Javid, "It's going to be the raunchiest, classiest thing ever."

Of the event, airing Monday on Bravo, she has publicly sparred with Neely's maid of honor and her co-star Asa Soltan Rahmati over dueling parties for the couple, with Rahmati about to discover Javid has lied to her and planned a secret party for Farahan.

Javid describes the secret event as being "perfect." But the 40-year-old reality star is quick to add that "all of America is going to hate me and say that I am a homewrecker for making sure Reza has the proper, traditional bachelor party."

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Homewrecker? According to Javid, a surprise guest at the party sends Farahan into a pre-wedding spin. It's someone she invited "who might have been an old flame and who may or may not have been properly... dealt with, processed."

And Farahan's reaction? "Oh, Reza was ecstatic. I think it gave him doubts about whether he wanted to get married to Adam," she says. "That party brought out the little boy in Reza who has not been out to play and be mischievous and drink."

Javid says Farahan had been stressed over work, filming and the upcoming nuptials. So the few people she invited "were fun, mischievous, plus the surprise guy! And doesn't everyone want to wake up that little wild person in them and make sure they know they still got it?"

"Shahs of Sunset" airs Monday nights at 9ET/8C on Bravo.

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