Los Angeles County

Household Chemical Sends 3 Sheriff's Deputies to Hospital in Palmdale

Four people, including three Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies, were hospitalized Saturday night after being sickened by a chemical at a home on the outskirts of Palmdale, officials said.

The deputies were responding to a domestic violence call at about 9:40 p.m. when they encountered chemical fumes at the home on the 36400 block of Sierra Highway, officials with the Los Angeles County Fire Department said.

This story originally reported the home was a drug lab, which was being reported by county fire officials. There were medical marijuana plants, but they were allegedly being grown for medical needs.

The chemicals, originally thought to be part of the drug lab operations, were simply household fumes.

One of the three deputies was still being evaluated at the hospital, a fire official said. A fourth person, a female resident of the home, was also being treated at the hospital.

Authorities were investigating at the scene.

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