Shop Owner Video Shows Dramatic Rescue During Ellicott City Flooding

The video shows efforts of the group to reach a car trapped in rushing waters

An owner of an Ellicott City, Maryland, business posted Facebook video of a dramatic rescue Saturday night as flood waters rushed through the city during a heavy rain.

Sara Arditti, who owns Still Life Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing, was watching water rush by her business with her husband, David Dester, and a few other people taking refuge from the rain. The group watched cars get pushed down the street by the rushing water.

Arditti said they noticed one of the cars going by was occupied and stopped briefly in front of her shop. Jason Barnes, owner of All Time Toys, had the idea to make a human chain to try to rescue the woman.

The video shows the efforts of the group to reach the car. At one point, Barnes falls down because of the speed of the water but recovers and helps with the chain.

The woman was rescued from the car and taken to safety.

Two people were killed in flooding in Ellicott City and 120 people were rescued, authorities said. 

Arditti said her gallery’s basement contents of custom framing were destroyed. She said most of the businesses on Main Street are closed due to the damage.

The frame shop owner said many of the building in downtown Ellicott City are very old, and the flooding caused massive infrastructure damage. She said her building was built in 1890.

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