Slovak Batman Impersonator Brings Order to Town

"I have decided to do good for the people," Zoltan Kohari said.

Amy Guip

A Slovak man has been donning a homemade leather Batman costume to help combat crime in the southern town of Dunajska Streda, Reuters reported.

Zoltan Kohari, 26, cleans the streets, aids the elderly and calls the cops if he sees something suspicious.

"I have decided to do good for the people. I take care of order and help clean up the environment so we can keep living on this planet," he told Reuters.

Kohari, a trained house painter, spent eight months in jail last year and attempted suicide before deciding to change his path.

Kohari's impersonation is the latest in a series of ordinary citizens dressing in superhero costumes and performing public services — including self-proclaimed Seattle superhero “Phoenix Jones,” who was arrested last year when he used pepper spray to break up a fight.

Jones, 23, whose real name is Benjamin John Francis Fodor, unmasked himself at a court hearing last year, The Associated Press reported. No charges were filed.

As for Kohari, he said he never resorts to physical violence. His neighbors said he is an honest and good man.

"He's had a tough life but he is very dependable and we like him. He helps us out, keeps an eye on public order, and he is a hero for my son and his schoolmates," said Jana Kocisova, a mother of two who lives near Kohari’s “Batcave” apartment.

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