Snakes on a Train: Missing Boa Found on Boston Subway

Boa was loose for nearly a month

A three-foot snake missing for more than a month was found on a Boston subway car, offciials said.

The boa constrictornamed Penelope, which escaped from its owner on the train more than a month ago, was found Thursday in an adjoining car, The Associated Press reported. A commuter spotted the serpent snake and notified a train attendant at a Red Line station. Transit authority officials took the train out of service, and hours later, train attendant Sharon Lynch, who owns a snake of her own, caught the snake.

Penelope's owner, Melissa Moorhouse, 30, said she had the snake around her neck when it got away on Jan. 6. At that time, passengers were evacuated from the plaform as workers searched in vain for the snake.

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