Somebody Please Give Nicholas Winding Refn the Money To Turn Christina Hendricks Into “Wonder Woman”

The mind reels at the prospect of Christina Hendricks as Wonder Woman, a bit of casting that would be about a ka-jillion dreams come true. And Nicholas Winding Refn gets his way, well, bully for all of us.

Refn, who won best director at Cannes earlier this year for his upcoming film "Drive," starring Ryan Gosling, has mentioned in the past his desire to make a "Wonder Woman" movie, something we had a hard time taking seriously, to be honest.

But at Friday's LA premiere of "Drive," Vulture asked Refn about the project, prompting the director to point at Hendricks, who has a supporting role in the movie, and say, "If I ever get to do it, she's going to be it."

Well lucky for all of us, Hendricks has in the past made it known that she'd love the part, telling Rachel Ray last year, "I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life — I had Wonder Woman Underoos."

DC Comics, which owns Wonder Woman, should jump at this opportunity. Chris Nolan's Batman saga ends next year, "Green Lantern" was terrible and appears bound for box-office flop status and "Man of Steel," well, we're nervous... Wonder Woman is the last big-name hero DC has in their stable, and they're not likely to get a better director, and the idea of Hendricks squeezing into that outfit makes us a little dizzy.

Plus, NBC's recently aborted attempt to make a "Wonder Woman" TV series could have a silver lining, in that the interest in the project suggests there's definitely a market for the Amazonian princess, and because it never aired, it hasn't soured anyone's appetite.

Please, DC, make this happen--what possible downside is there?

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