‘Think Like a Man' Star Terrence J Regrets Not Asking Whitney Houston For One Last Memento

Think Like a Man” star Terrence J admits that when working on a film with the late Whitney Houston, he learned that sometimes it’s okay to quit playing it cool and just be a fan.

“It was one of the biggest regrets of my life, not taking a photo with her, and I'll tell you why,” reveals the actor and BET video host, also known as Terrence Jenkins, who filmed “Sparkle” with Houston last year before her unexpected death in February. “When I walked on set I was just actually going to wardrobe because my shots were the next day, so I never physically got a chance to do a scene with her, but I ended up bumping into her because I saw Jordin Sparks.” Former “American Idol” winner Sparks plays the title character and Houston’s daughter in the film.

“I went over to speak, and I felt like it wasn't appropriate to pull out my camera phone in the middle of production,” says Jenkins. “I said to myself that I would see her at the premiere and I'd be able to tell her how much of a fan I was and how much I loved her music and how much it changed my life. I said, 'I'll see her in a couple of months at the premiere and that'll be a better time.' So, I just gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, 'I'll see you soon – I can't wait to talk to you then.' She said, 'Okay, no problem.'”

“That just goes to show you that you can never take any moment for granted,” explains the actor. “If you see somebody and love somebody, just tell them that you love them even if it makes you look like a crazy groupie sometimes.”

Jenkins was able to watch some of Houston’s final acting performance while on set. “You're going to love it,” he assures.

As for Jenkins’ own role in the Houston-produced remake of the 1976 film chronicling the rise of three sisters who form a 1960s-era singing group: “I'm a club promoter/club announcer and I have a really fun scene with Cee-Lo Green that actually opens up the movie,” he reveals. “I introduce the sisters for the first time – I give them their first stage introduction.”


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