Starbucks Peddles Fake Coffee-Stained T-Shirts for $85

Chain marks 40th anniversary with high-priced T-Shirt

If people will pay $5 for a Caramel Frappuccino, why not $85 for a stained T-Shirt?

Starbucks has teamed up with designer Alexander Wang to mark its 40th anniversary with the limited edition shirt. The coffee stain isn't real, but the price is. The shirt also bears Starbucks' siren concealed within the fake stain.

Wang told InStyle magazine that his inspiration was “what everyone tries to avoid – spilled coffee on a T-shirt.”

The shirt is part of a collaboration between the Council of Fashion Designers America and the Seattle-based coffee chain to help celebrate "40 years of coffee, culture and the continued evolution."

The designers, who also included Billy Reid and Sophie Theallet, were asked to make their own interpretations of the brand and translate them into clothing designs. Reid and Theallet's tees were a little more traditional. Theallet's features a jigsaw-like map of the world, while Reid takes the Starbucks logo and spatters it, paint gun and stencil-like, onto the shoulder of a brown shirt.

You can buy the shirts at Nordstrom's or Starbucks, but at Starbucks, if you pay an extra $5, they'll throw in a cup of coffee.

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