Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Supporters Hold ‘Unite for Ukraine' Rally Before SWIFT Announcement on Russian Banks

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Ukrainian Americans made sure to raise their voices at the Connecticut State Capitol on Saturday.

A blue and yellow sea of Ukraine supporters stood in solidarity in front of the capitol building, calling for an end to the chaos happening some 6,000 miles away.

Ukraine flags and posters waved high in the sky with some reading 'No War with Ukraine' and 'I stand with Ukraine.'

During the rally, war protestors called for several actions including implementing a no fly zone over Ukraine and for the removal of Russia from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, also known as SWIFT.

On Saturday evening, the United States, European Union and United Kingdom agreed to block selected Russian banks from the global messaging system.

SWIFT allows for the legal, fraud-proof and fast movement of messages, instructions and money between international banks.

"The purpose is to punish and hurt the Russian economy and the Russian government," said John Rosen, an economics professor at the University of New Haven. "It most certainly will cause great damage to at least many parts of the Russian economy."

Supporters joined forces to condemn the Russian invasion in Ukraine and say they're trying to offer help any way they can.

Rosen also believes the decision could potentially hurt the Russian oligarchs and natives who live on foreign land.

"All of a sudden, they can't process and get the money to their company in Russia. There are a large number of Russians who send remittances or money back to their families but this could prevent them from doing so," said Rosen. "In the array of things that we could do, that American can do short of military action, this is one of the most serious."

Pictures from the Russian Attacks on Ukraine

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