Take a Day Off From “Friday”

Check out some other YouTube music videos of the week that are well worth a look – and listen.

If you're reading this on Friday (which comes after Thursday and before Saturday), there's a decent chance the song that might forever ruin the day we thank God for is buzzing in you brain. (If not, it probably is now – sorry.)

"Friday," the YouTube video that's made 13-year-old singer Rebecca Black a star for our odd times, surpassed 40 million views this week. The inane earworm of a tune has earned her many teenybopper fans and perhaps an even larger group of detractors, some of whom have hurdled over the top with their scorn.

In less than a week, Rebecca has gone from defending herself on "Good Morning America" to singing on "The Tonight Show." The prospects of her staying power and the song's profitability are mysteries – The New York Times notes that published estimates range from $40,000 to $1 million. But in a DIY age where YouTube can bring instant and sometimes lasting celebrity (see Justin Bieber), “Friday” can be seen as a case of the best and the worst of Internet-driven fame, depending on your view.

It would be too bad, though, if "Friday" overshadows other YouTube gems, including a couple creative music videos posted this week that are well worth a look – and listen.

We stumbled onto (via Gizmodo) a brilliant mash-up of various homemade YouTube music videos stitched together to create one haunting, enthralling tune called, "My Favorite Color." A riff played by a middle-aged mom on an old-school Lowery-type organ provides the backbone of a song that melds, visually and musically, with a melody sung by a teenage girl, accompanied by folks playing saxophones, drums, French horns, cellos, a triangle, among other instruments.

The video, assembled by a YouTube user who goes by "kutiman," seamlessly weaves the music and faces into what is not only a credible composition, but digital art.

We're also getting a kick out of another clever mash-up of sorts, one that might appeal to the crowd that actually likes "Friday."

The title, "One Man Disney Movie," basically of says it all: singer Nick Pitera appears on a screen split six ways, in near-"Brady Bunch" style, singing and acting out various parts (the heroine, the villain, etc.) of numbers from Mouse House classics ("Be Our Guest" from "Beauty and the Beast" is a highlight). The wonderfully sappy short, which got a nice shoutout from Mashable, is finding an audience, surpassing 1 million views – which isn’t bad, even if it’s not close to “Friday.”

So take a break from "Friday" and check out the videos below:

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