Terrified Migrants Toil on Land Taken From Mafia in Corleone, Sicily

Some of the 400,000 migrants who washed up on Sicily's shores over the past two years, were hired from refugee camps to cultivate vineyards taken from Corleone's most feared Mafia bosses, NBC News reported. 

The migrants are employed by Sicilian organization Girasoli to train vines, harvest grapes and sell their own-labelled wine. All the men, who asked not to be identified for fear it would imperil their asylum applications, got nervous when they realized they were working the land that for decades was the Mafia's capital and killing ground.

The mafia bosses were jailed for dozens of murders stretching back decades. But the mafia is not dead. Leoluca Orlando, mayor of Sicily's capital Palermo, said the Sicilian Mafia is like Sicilian ISIS. "They pervert identity and then they kill in the name of this identity," he said. 

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