The 2010 Emmys: Handicapping the Race for Best Comedy

Who will take home the Best Comedy Emmy -- the legendary veteran? Or one of the hot young upstarts? PopcornBiz sizes up the field.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
A truly great show that keeps coming back as strong, but it's never won this race in the past and there are too many newcomers for it to break through now. Odds of winning: 12 to 1

Nurse Jackie
Edie Falco is awesome, but a comedy about a nurse who trades sex for drugs is probably a little too bleak for voters. Odds of winning: 10 to 1

The Office
Still a very good show, but it's lost too much of its shine over the last year or two -- why else would Steve Carell be leaving? Odds of winning: 8 to 1

30 Rock
A three-time defending champ and deservedly so, ironically the hilarious inside baseball and New York-centric humor that make it so good are tragically also what makes it a ratings dud. But Tina Fey won't get to tell anyone to "Suck it!" this year. Odds of winning: 5 to 1

Funny, sweet, well choreographed song-and-dance numbers, great guest stars... all these ingredients have made for one of the most out-of-nowhere hits in a long time and inspired a millions to proudly proclaim themselves "Gleeks." Odds of winning: 3 to 1

Modern Family
Yes, the mock-umentary format is a wee overdone, but "Modern Family" is consistently among the funniest and smartest shows on television each week, and manages to weave together three distinctly different family models without it feeling forced.  Odds of winning: 3 to 2

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