The 8 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the US

The American Kennel club named these eight dogs the most popular breeds in 2015.

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Poodles are large purebreds known for being affectionate. They need plenty of exercise to stay happy.
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Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that are self-assured and affectionate. They need lots of attention and function well with older children.
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French Bulldogs are laid back, yet intelligent dogs that work well as watchdogs.
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Beagles are sweet, medium-sized dogs that need regular exercise. They're talented in hunting, detection, and tracking.
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The English Bulldog may look intimidating, but beneath its muscular exterior and wrinkled muzzle is a friendly, patient, and extremely loyal companion, especially to young children.
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Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent, affectionate, and easily trained, which makes them a popular family companion.
German Shepherds are loyal companions that are often used as police and military dogs.
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Labrador Retrievers are extremely loyal and intelligent, and easily trained for service animal roles. They are also obedient and get along well with children, leading them to be popular pets.
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