7 Most Reviled Subway Behaviors Revealed

Which subway behavior is the most obnoxious? Our viewers weigh in.

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A "W" train pulls away from a subway station in New York. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority ( MTA) proposed to stop services on the W train line as they face $1.2 billion budget shortfall. (Photo by Ramin Talaie/Corbis via Getty Images)
While plenty of people do not like this common subway act, it is far from the worst on our list, according to those who participated in our poll. Only 11 percent of respondents said eating was the most obnoxious subway behavior.
Some don't like when subway riders lean on the pole, others don't seem to mind as much. At least that's what the results of our poll indicate. This subway behavior came in sixth with 12 percent of the vote.
Wearing a large backpack on the train came in with a little over 17 percent of the vote in our obnoxious subway behavior poll.
Putting bags on empty seats lands right in the middle when it comes to the most obnoxious subway behaviors, according to our poll. About 22 percent of participants said this behavior was the worst.
About 23 percent of people who participated in our poll want subway riders to lower the volume. Listening to loud music came in third.
Those who participated in our poll don't think the subway is the place for personal grooming. Clipping nails came in second in our poll of most obnoxious subway behaviors.
With more than 27 percent of the vote, blocking the door is the most obnoxious subway behavior there is, according to those who participated in our poll.
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