The Office: Mafia Edition

Michael thinks an insurance salesman is in the mob...

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After Michael submits to a clumsy insurance sales spiel from guest actor Mike Starr, Andy and Dwight get it in their heads that the salesman is in fact a mafia guy, shaking Michael down.

Naturally, they are able to get that into Michael's head pretty efficiently as well. Dwight overrides Andy and Michael's intention to give in, but only temporarily. After Michael signs up for a policy he can't afford, Dwight comes up with a fix: tell Michael the salesman's not in the mafia after all.

Since we already know that's the case, we're not too worried when Michael calls the salesman back to rudely shoot him down. At least until Michael gets such a big head from his courageous exploit that he's even more obnoxious and self-aggrandizing than ever.

And where are Jim and Pam during this time when their reasonable voices are so desperately needed? They're on their honeymoon, of course, present only as a couple of increasingly annoyed voices on the phone. And the fact that Kevin accidentally got their credit cards cancelled doesn't help.

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