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Thousands Protest in Rio Ahead of Olympic Opening Ceremony

Protesters held up signs and chanted against the suspension of Brazil's president

Hours before the opening ceremony at the 2016 Summer Olympics, thousands of people took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro Friday to protest the Brazilian government and the billions spent on the sporting event, NBC News reported.

Earlier this year, Brazil's senate suspended President Dilma Rousseff over accusations that she hid a budget deficit in order to improve her re-election chances in 2014. Michel Temer, Rousseff's vice president, is serving as Brazil's interim president.

Protesters held up signs and chanted "Fora Temer," or "Temer Out." Rousseff's supporters believe that her removal from office was a "coup" organized by Temer and his allies.

Frequent protests have been the norm in Rio over the past few months as the political crisis has inflamed an already angry population, unhappy about the country's economic problems.

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