Tools to Navigate the Affordable Care Act Marketplaces

The law is complicated but your options will come down to a few basic factors

How the Affordable Care Act affect you, how much it will cost and what you can buy will depend on a variety of factors, beginning with where you live.

Use our ACA Super Tool below will give you immediate help and answers as you begin to research the best options for you and your family.

Each state will have its own online "exchange" where consumers can shop for coverage. Other important variables include age and income.

Options also vary for employers who want to offer new insurance options to their workers.

Low-income Americans who can't afford care on the private market will generally have two potential choices, depending on their circumstances. Those whose earnings fall under 138 percent of the poverty level will be directed to the newly expanded Medicaid programs (if their states choose to take part). Those who come in above that line will be directed to the online exchanges, where the lowest-income enrollees, up to four times the poverty rate, will be eligible for tax credits and subsidies provided they don't have access to affordable employee coverage.

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