Tuesday Watch List: SCREEEEAMMM!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and wax your bearskin rug. A waxed bearskin rug is a sharp addition to any mountain lodge. LET’S GO!

SCREAM 2010 – 9:00PM (Spike) Spike’s horror and fantasy award show is so kewwwlll, they don’t even need to have “awards” in the title. Cool people already know it’s implied. Be on the lookout tonight for a “Back To The Future” reunion, and a special appearance from Bill Murray in his original “Ghostbusters” costume, presumably done by Murray as a way of cruelly taunting Dan Aykroyd about “Ghostbusters 3” being stuck in turnaround. And there’s a special musical performance be MIA, because why not? ANTICIPATION: GEEKY!

MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER – 9:00PM (Bravo – an NBC/Universal network) Bravo unleashes the fourth season of this show about rich people who are so personally repellent that their money still can’t buy them a decent soulmate. The series shifts to New York City this season, where there is no shortage of short, rich, bald men ready for the altar. RAWR! Among tonight’s subjects is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic. Because that’s such a distinguishing feature to have if you’re a guy. ANTICIPATION: AWKWARD!

FRONTLINE – 9:00PM (PBS) It’s the season premiere of the PBS show you never watch but probably should. Tonight’s episode concerns a man executed for arson in 2004, starting a fire that killed three children. But new evidence suggests he may not have started the fire after all. Which does him a world of good, given that he’s now deceased. I can tell this story will have an incredibly happy resolution. How can it not? ANTICIPATION: TEARS!

TEEN MOM – 10:00PM (MTV) This season wraps up with a visit from Dr. Drew to all the teen moms to see how they’re doing. Are you girls okay? Would you mind if Dr. Drew lectures you for a bit to make himself look good? ANTICIPATION: EXPLOITATION!

CHOPPED – 10:00PM (Food Network) Tonight’s mystery basket includes creepy Halloween ingredients (eye of newt?), plus what my guide says is a “very daunting piece of meat.”  ANTICIPATION: SPOOKY!

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