Two Teens Arrested in Wheelchair Beating

A disabled man was robbed and beaten by two teens who lived just blocks away, cops said

092408 Wheelchair
Getty Images

Police have arrested two teens who they say were the pair caught on tape during a brutal beating of a disabled man on earlier this month.

Celedono Carrera, 66, was nearing his home in his motorized wheelchair, when a teenager chased him down from behind and pulled him out of his chair. Carrera valiantly fought back but the suspect got away with his wallet. A second suspect finished the thuggery by snatching Carrera's necklace as he lay helpless on the ground just feet from his front door.

The entire robbery was caught by surveillance cameras and the footage was released earlier this week, which may have aided in the hunt for the teens. Police arrested Xavier Hyland and Royce Simmons only a few blocks from Carrera's Miami apartment and charged the two teens with strong armed robbery and battery on an elder.

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