United Airlines Is Getting Rid of Its Popular Biscoff Cookies on Flights

The announcement elicited some strong reactions

In this file photo, United Airlines planes sit on the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport on July 8, 2015 in San Francisco, California.
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United Airlines is leaving Biscoff cookies on the ground.

On Tuesday, the airline announced that it's replacing the sugary spice cookies with Oreo Thins as part of an update to its complimentary snack offerings on flights.

The airline will continue to offer economy passengers both pretzels and the popular Dutch stroopwafels, which were reintroduced last year to the delight of cookie lovers who fly frequently.

The Biscoff cookies are not gone for good, however. United spokesperson Andrea Hiller told TODAY they are part of a rotation and are currently being rotated out for Oreo Thins, but have not permanently been removed as an option.

"The point is to give people options,'' she said. "The stroopwafel is beloved by all, but the Biscoff cookies can be rotated back in. We just want people to understand they are on a rotation, and people are excited about the Oreos, too."

Oreo Thins, which were first released in 2015, are basically skinny Oreos that are about half the width of original Oreos. They have less cream and fewer calories, leading to a crunchier overall eating experience.

Oreo Thins contain about 35 calories per cookie, compared to about 60 per Biscoff cookie. No word yet on whether the planes' beverage carts will be carrying extra milk to give people the option to dunk their free Oreos.

For those needing their mile-high Biscoff fix, Delta and Alaska Airlines will still be serving the beloved cookies. Oreo Thins will begin rolling out on United flights in March.

While Biscoff lovers made their voices heard about the change, others wondered if United will be handing out toothbrushes so that passengers don't have teeth covered in black Oreo pieces when they exit the plane.

Others wanted United to go big and just give them the regular-sized Oreos.

And many people were just really, really mad.

Cookie lovers may disagree on the Biscoff for Oreo swap, but one thing is for certain: The airline better lay off the stroopwafels!

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