Vilified Lehman Ex-CEO: “You Don't Have a Gun, That's Good”

Dick Fuld tracked down for rare interview on anniversary of Lehman Brothers' collapse

The former chief exec of Lehman Brothers, Dick Fuld, says he was “pummeled” and “dumped on” after his 158-year-old firm – the fourth largest investment bank in the country -- collapsed under the weight of its toxic assets to become the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Now, as the one-year anniversary of Lehman’s demise approaches, Fuld is bracing for another barrage of criticism.

"You don't have a gun; that's good," he told a Reuters reporter who tracked him down at his remote Idaho home for an interview.

Fuld, whose nickname used to be “Gorilla” for his aggressive behavior as CEO, declined to defend his actions ahead of Lehman’s collapse on Sept. 15. The event triggered the most acute phase of the global financial crisis and has led to 40 legal actions against Fuld. "They're looking for someone to dump on right now, and that's me,” he said of his critics. "You know what they say? 'This too shall pass.'"

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