Will Smith Targeted for New Robin Hood Role

For those of you still trying to recover from Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood," along come the Wachowski Siblings to take another crack at the story.

Andy and Lana (nee Larry) Wachowski have written an "urban" retelling of the classic tale called "Hood" (get it? "Hood"? Urban*? Get it?) and have their eyes on Will Smith to star, reported Heat Vision. But as is the Wachowskis' custom, almost nothing else is known about their version.

To be fair, we very nearly liked "Robin Hood," feeling that it's greatest failing was not meeting the expectations created by the title. But regardless of your feelings about the most recent "Robin Hood," even by today's standards, this is an awfully short wait between Robin Hood flicks.

But the real gray lining of this cloud is that it means we may have to wait even longer for the siblings' hotly anticipated "CN-9," their hard-R gay Iraq War film told from the perspective of futuristic archeologists.

*The mainstream media's preferred synonym for "black."

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