Smithsonian Museum Accepts Donation of AMC's ‘The Walking Dead' Artifacts

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History has accepted artifacts from AMC’s award-winning television series “The Walking Dead." Cast members, including Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James, attended the donation ceremony and presented some props that viewers may recognize from the past seven seasons.

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Hugh Talman, Smithsonian
The post-apocalyptic show will celebrate its 100th episode during the season eight premiere. Pictured here is the Bicycle Girl Zombie bust, also known as Hannah, from season one.
Hugh Talman, Smithsonian
Based on the popular comic book, “The Walking Dead” props will join artifacts from other series including “Roots, “MASH”, and “All in the Family” to help expand the museum’s extensive television collection. One of the items include a prop used as Hershel’s Green’s decapitated head.
Hugh Talman, Smithsonian
Other objects donated include Merle Dixon’s prosthetic bayonet arm.
Hugh Talman, Smithsonian
The first walker, known as Summer, wore this costume seen on the show’s pilot episode.
Hugh Talman,Smithsonian
Here, you can see Carl's costume from the second episode.
Photo by Richard W. Strauss
This is the third time AMC has been honored by the museum. Artifacts from the 1960s-era drama “Mad Men” and the modern day meth-cooking show “Breaking Bad” are also in the museum's collection, according to AMC President Charlie Collier.
Photo by Richard W. Strauss
“The series has been a commercial and critical success that not only represents the art of television but its impact on our shared popular culture,” museum curator Eric Jentsch said.
Photo by Richard W. Strauss
The items included Daryl Dixon’s crossbow, Michonne's katana, ‘walker’ costumes and more.
Hugh Talman, Smithsonian
There are no immediate plans to display the objects, but an exhibition is expected to open in 2020.
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