Watch List – 1/25: The Best Way to Not Get “Lost” in the Final Season


Sure it's a repeat. But the final episode of last season should be required viewing for all who want the full experience of the last season, which begins next week. Don't be the guy left out of the water-cooler conversation. Starting with the revelation of what's in that mysterious crate on the beach discovered in tonight's episode, the end of this show with its passionate fans is going to be pure pop-culture history.

Airs tonight on ABC at 9

"American Idol"

This show can't stay out out of all the wrong types of headlines, which makes tuning in early essential. This week's headline installment --  departing Simon Cowell is apparently already rubbing Ellen the wrong way and one early contestant has already been kicked off for mysterious circumstances. It will be a while before the televised show catches up to these current headlines, but there's still plenty of wonderful dysfunction in store as the show returns to Los Angeles for even more auditions and two more guest judges. Even if we can do without Avril Lavigne, alternate judge Katy Perry is going to be a breath of fresh air.

Tonight on Fox at 8

"Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal"

Continuing the theme of more entertainment and less art, A&E serves up a new installment of "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal." They don't see dead people, but at least one of the kid psychics in this episode sees bloody hands when she falls asleep. Between "Sixth Sense" and "Medium" who doesn't love a psychic tale?

Tonight on A&E at 9

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