Wednesday Watch List: Franklin! Bash! Frankbash!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and wax the cat. Oooh, shiny whiskers! LET’S GO!

FRANKLIN & BASH – 9:00PM (TNT) After clobbering viewers on the head with endless promos for this show during the NBA playoffs, TNT’s sassy new legal drama finally arrives. Your stars are Breckin Meyer (from “Inside Schwartz”! Remember that? No?) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (his friends should call him The Goose). They’re a couple of young hotshot lawyers who… wait for it… DON’T EXACTLY PLAY BY THE RULES. We’re talking about giving guff to judges, hitting on prosecutors, and rockin’ sneakers in the courtroom YO. To the extreme! Okay, so this is a concept that David Kelley has been running into the ground for three decades now, but TNT knows its audience, and its audience likes extremely predictable, unchallenging fare to help pass the time in the dreadful summer heat. I expect this show to satisfy all those needs. ANTICIPATION: BASHY!

STANLEY CUP FINALS, GAME 1 – 8:00PM (NBC) It’s the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks squaring off in the Finals. Game 1 and Game 2 of the series will air on NBC, but then games 3 and 4 shifts over to Versus later in the week. If the Series goes past that, it goes back on NBC. I know that’s terribly confusing, but if you watch these games in HD (preferably while drinking Molson), you may find it’s well worth your time to toggle between network TV and cable’s dirty attic. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO PARIS – 10:00PM (Oxygen) You’d have thought Paris Hilton would have had her own “follow me around while I do things” reality show already, but no. Tonight is the premiere of the rapidly aging heiress’ new Oxygen show, in which she shops and, like, says “that’s hot” and stuff. In the premiere, Paris moves in with her sister after an armed intruder breaks into her house. And I guess that’s… tragic? I guess. Trying to be a nice person here. ANTICIPATION: PARISIAN!

SAND MASTERS – 10:00PM (Travel Channel) This new show follows a bunch of sand sculptors (don’t you dare call them sand castle builders) as they erect massive sandy masterpieces for various functions. Oh no! Who brought that stompy 3-year-old? He’ll ruin the sand Versailles! ANTICIPATION: SANDY!

HAUNTED COLLECTOR – 9:00PM (SyFy- an NBC/Universal Network) Paranormal investigator John Zaffis and his team (guys like this always have a team) look into various supposedly haunted objects. They should check out my kid’s Teddy Ruxpin. Sometimes, it starts talking without me turning it on. Creepy as hell. ANTICIPATION: SCARY!

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