Weekend Watch List: A Tale Of Two Hoffs

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and clean out the oven. Why do ovens get so filthy? It’s not like you baked a live cat in there. LET’S GO!

SAME NAME – 9:00PM Sunday (CBS) CBS’s new reality show features celebrities switching places (not permanently, alas) with ordinary folks who happen to share the exact same name. On Sunday night, David Hasselhoff goes to Texas to swap lives with the OTHER David Hasselhoff, an electrical technician. I’m told this particular Hasselhoff does not enjoy floor burgers as much as the original Hoff does. ANTICIPATION: HOFFY!

ENTOURAGE – 10:30PM Sunday (HBO) HBO’s show about very short, intolerable men begins its final season tonight. Yes, that’s right. No more “Entourage” after this. I’ll miss them so. I’ll miss the way Turtle bought sneakers. I’ll miss the way Eric went by the nickname E, which is the least creative nickname ever. I’ll miss the way Vince represented everything I hate about flaky people living in Los Angeles. And most of all, I’ll miss hating all of you so very, very much. ANTICIPATION: THE END!

MY STRANGE ADDICTION – 10:00PM Sunday (TLC) My favorite reality show in the world to look up is back on Sunday night, featuring a woman who wears wet diapers all the time. And the fact that they’re wet just makes it so much more uncomfortable, doesn’t it? I find someone who obsessively wears dry diapers to be relatively normal after hearing about wet diaper lady. Also featured is a woman who chews on dryer sheets. It’s a potentially harmful habit, but her breath does smell April Fresh, and her teeth NEVER cling together. ANTICIPATION: WET DIAPERS!

CELEBRITY REHAB WITH DR. DREW – 9:00PM Sunday (VH1) During a therapy session, Bai Ling uncovers a past childhood trauma. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED. ANTICIPATION: CRAZY!

GUYS YOU WANT TO KICK IN THE #&%# – 8:00PM Sunday (TV Guide Channel) That’s the actual title of the TV Guide show about bad boy celebrities. And really, there are so many different options for the expletive they’ve presented. I’m gonna go with “Shin.” Such a naughty place to kick someone! ANTICIPATION: #&%#!

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