Whaaa? Justin Bieber is Biggest Failure of 2010?

Nice kids finish last — except perhaps in the FAIL Blog's second annual Top Ten Lists for the Biggest FAILS, which just named Justin Bieber the Prince of FAIL for 2010.

More than 195,553 votes were cast in the FAIL Blog's top FAILs for 2010, with the tween girl constituency perhaps too busy minding their Twitter feeds to make their voices heard in this year's election. The Canadian pop star took in 44 percent of the vote, with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi a distant second at 10 percent, followed by a rogue's gallery of seemingly more-deserving nominees.

FAIL Blog features pictures and videos of well-intentioned fails, and displays of blatant stupidity or incompetence. It's part of the ever-growing Cheezburger Network, headed by 33-year-old Ben Huh, that also includes I Can Has Cheezburger? (funny cat photos), I Has a Hotdog (funny dog photos) and There, I Fixed it (funny photos of, photographic evidence of ingenious do-it-yourselfers gone wild).

FAIL Blog started its annual Top 10 FAIL vote last year when someone suggested a list of top 10 most popular FAIL videos of the year, Cheezburger Network head Ben Huh said in a telephone interview.

The top three categories, FAIL People, FAIL Moments and FAIL Videos and Photos, were narrowed narrowed down from the most popular traffic-gathering posts over the year.

(See the winners and runners-up, and vote for your own favorit fails below.)

Not for nothing, Bieber seems like a pretty nice kid, especially compared to his competitors. Huh, who claims he wants to scream, "and not scream like a girl, either," every time he hears "Oh baby baby," agrees. Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Brett Favre made the Most Memorable FAIL People, too. These are people that have "constructed lives for themselves that have become FAILS," Huh points out.

Huh hopes the new prince is cool with his crown: "Justin Bieber seems to appreciate humor, so hopefully he’ll wear this crown with pride knowing that a few Bieber FAILS gave us a fun opportunity to laugh at someone else’s misfortune."

BP Oil Spill, winner of Most Memorable FAIL moment by 34 percent, is comparatively more deserving in its category.

C'mon! "They were trying to drill for oil," Huh says.

"When people call something a FAIL, it’s because you tried to accomplish something but didn’t make it. If you’re just walking down the street and something bad just happens to you, that’s not really a fail on your part. You might call that situation a fail." Trying to drill for oil and spilling an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico is a serious FAIL.

Ranking second on the Top 10 FAIL moments is the viral Internet video of Jessi Slaughter (AKA Kerligirl 13) crying while her dad goes ballistic . "She’s this girl who was trolling the Internet, trying to draw attention to herself in a negative way," remembers Huh. "Her dad got involved after cyber bullies attacked her. He was trying to warn the cyber bullies to stop, and it wound up being humorous unintentionally. Her dad is just a character. This became huge Internet culture news." So huge in fact that Huh e-mailed after the phone interview to add these four phrases that became popular Web parlance after Slaughter's dad shouted them on YouTube:

  • You dun goof'd
  • I've backtraced it
  • You've been reported to the cyberpolice
  • Consequences will never be the same

Katy Perry's scandalous "Sesame Street" appearance in a low-cut top was another notable entry, coming in 7th with 5 percent of the vote. "How did that even happen in the first place?" asks Huh (rhetorically). "I’m pretty sure that adults are the ones using the video cameras. Didn’t someone say, 'Hey guys, maybe that’s a little low?' I don’t mean to be a prude but that’s not the 'Sesame Street' I remember."

A woman taking a whole watermelon to the face with a giant slingshot on an ill-fated "Amazing Race" stunt (and coming out pretty OK) took top honors with 34 percent of the vote in the Most Memorable Videos and Photos. The watermelon launch appeal? "The watermelon FAIL only lasts just a few seconds, the actual meat of the event is SO brief, but it’s so emotionally connectable," Huh observes. "It doesn’t have a narrative, doesn’t have a lead-up. It just has this moment. That watermelon video was shared 18,000 times on Facebook alone."

What big FAILS might we witness in 2011?  Huh suspects WikiLeaks fallout will find its way into the vote. WikiLeaks isn't a fail this year, because the whistleblower pretty much succeeded in what it set out to do. But what about those entities that show up in the released WikiLeaks documents. "They’ve released 10,000 pages so far, but there’s 250,000 pages," says Huh. "People are going to pull out details and they should make it in the top moments on next year’s list."

FAIL Blog winners, as voted by the FAIL Blog community

Top 10 Most Memorable FAIL People
1. Justin Bieber  44%
2. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi   10%
3. Tiger Woods   8%
4. Mel Gibson  7%
5. Lindsay Lohan   5%
6. Bristol Palin 5%
7. Mike Sorrentino (aka “The Situation”) 4%
8. The Kardashians 4%
9. Brett Favre 4%
10. Miley Cyrus  3%

Honorable mentions: Each receiving 2 percent of the votes were Charlie Sheen, Jesse James, and Paris Hilton.

VOTE: Who is the Top FAIL person for 2010?

Top 10 Most Memorable FAIL Moments

1. BP Oil Spill 34%
2. Jessi Slaughter’s Dad Goes Ballistic 8%
3. Lincoln Park Rapist 8%
4. The FarmVille Murderess 7%
5. No Snow at the 2010 Winter Olympics 5%
6. The iPhone Hates Left Handed People 5%
7. Katy Perry’s Video Gets Banned on Sesame Street 5%
8. The Sex Line on OchoCinco’s Cereal Box 4%
9. The Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien NBC Debacle 4%
10. Meg Whitman tries to out FAIL Blog 4%

Honorable mentions: Each receiving 3 percent of the votes were “The Woman Who Married Herself in Thailand”, “Tiger Woods’ Sort of Apology”, “Robert Green’s Error at the World Cup”, and “The McNugget Rampage in Toledo.” In at 2 percent were “The Toyota Recall” and “Scientists Call Shenanigans on the Triceratops”.

VOTE: What is the Top FAIL moment for 2010?

Top 10 Most Memorable Videos and Photos on FAIL Blog

1. Watermelon Launch FAIL 34%
2. Answering Your Phone in Class FAIL 13%3. Roller Coaster Vomit FAIL 9%
4. Stripper FAIL 7%
5. Handwashing FAIL  7%
6. Ghost Ride FAIL 6%7. Elephant FAIL 5%
8. Orchestra FAIL 5%9. Rock Band FAIL 5%
10. Tattoo Recipient FAIL 5%

Honorable mention: “Dirty Dancing FAIL” received 4 percent of the votes.

VOTE: What was the top FAIL video or photo for 2010?

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