Will “Thor's” Success Spin-Off “The Warriors Three”?

Thor’s closest (and toughest) pals are ready for more Asgard-kickin’ action – but would you line up for “The Warriors Three: The Movie?”

Actors Ray Stevenson (Volstagg the Valiant), Josh Dallas (Fandral the Dashing) and Tadanobu Asano (Hogun the Grim) - who steal their swashbuckling scenes in the current box office champ “Thor” – would be ready to take up arms again in their own solo big screen adventure...if the fans demand it.

“It'd certainly be pretty sweet," Dallas tells PopcornBiz. “Never assume anything, but yeah, the Warriors Three would have some good times, that's for sure. Anything is in the realm of possibility. It hasn't been mentioned that I know of, but you never know.”

“The more the fans clamor, the more chance there is,” agrees Stevenson. “There's an untold story of the love that is there with the Warriors Three – I don't know if people are ready for it,” he adds with a suggestive wink.

“You never know,” says Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who says his company is certainly looking at spinning out secondary characters in the tradition of the comic books if the audience interest is there. “What's fun to me about the Warriors Three is that people seem to like them. People like the way that they were presented in this movie, and their main note might be, 'I want to see more of them.' I think that for ‘Thor 2,’ if we should be so lucky, that there's an opportunity for that. But you never know.”

Dallas says the actors enjoyed slipping into wardrobe and makeup that turned them into doppelgangers of the original characters designed by Jack Kirby back in 1965, becoming virtually unrecognizable as themselves.

“Even when I was on set at the end of the day when I'd take all the makeup off – the wig and the beard – and I'd be on set with guys for 9-10 hours a day and I'd pass them and say, 'Hi, how are you doing,' and they'd be like, 'Who is that guy?'” laughs Dallas.

But Stevenson was far more fit and fiery in character as Volstagg than his comic book counterpart, who’s known for his enormous girth and even bigger appetites. “I thought I’d be waddling around, sitting down, having a sandwich, maybe a few libations, red wine,” says Stevenson. “No – big, double-headed, six-plated battle axe, waging war with the Frost Giants and then going head-to-head with The Destroyer.”

Stevenson, who has already doled out Marvel Comics-style vigilante justice as The Punisher in "The Punisher: War Zone," is open any number of offers from the company. “I love working with Marvel,” he says. “They're supremely loyal, supremely driven and they're their biggest fans – they're the geeks of their own work! As producers they're on set every day, and every note that they give is because of the love that they have for the characters. Never a negative note from Marvel: all to enhance, all to build. It's an inspiration to work for them.”

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