Introducing the Snuggie Sutra

The illustrated guide to Snuggie sex

We should've known this was coming. First there was the Snuggie -- a strange-looking blanket with sleeves, perfect for cuddling up on the couch, or pub crawls. Now there's the guide to sex in Snuggies -- and it's illustrated.

News of the Snuggie Sutra -- you know, like Kama Sutra, the ancient handbook of every sexual position you never thought of? -- first came to us via NY Mag's Daily Intel, but we admit we were too intrigued (and disturbed) to not check it out for ourselves.

"There’s never been a solution to having sex while avoiding a chill. Until the Snuggie," boasts

Go to the site, if you dare, and take a look at the 10 positions for sex in Snuggies; you've got the tablecloth, the cuddly puppy, pigs in a blanket and uh, we'll let you explore the rest for yourselves – we know you want to.

And good news for anyone who has better ideas on how to optimize the Snuggie in bed: You can submit your own sexual positions! Click here and use the form at the bottom.

Oh, and for all you doubters out there who think a Slanket or a bathrobe could substitute for Snuggie sex, we ask you to consider why no one's taken the time to create a "Slanket Sutra" or a "Bathrobe Sutra." Yea, that's right, because they don't work half as well!

DISCLAIMER: The Snuggie doesn't protect against STDs or prevent pregnancy.

And how does the Snuggie react to bodily fluids? OK, that's where we're going to stop. Go to the site and find out for yourself.

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