Your (Red Band) First Look at “21 Jump Street”

Back when it was announced that Jonah Hill was championing a remake of the 80s cop series "21 Jump Street" (which launched a certain global superstar you might have heard of**), it was tough to get a read on exactly how Hill would approach the story of baby-faced cops forced to work undercover in high schools.

Well, now we know - so long as you don't mind potty language.

The first trailer for "21 Jump Street," starring Hill, Channing Tatum, Rob Riggle, and Nick Offerman, is out, but it's red-band for content meaning you should only click below if you have headphones handy.

As for the tone? We joked about making the first "Superbad Boys" snark about it, but tell us that isn't at least remotely accurate.

It does look like fun, though, doesn't it? 

And, yes, that's Dave Franco playing a drug dealer in a drug-themed comedy. Way to carve out your own niche, pal. What's next? Hosting the Teen Choice Awards with Emmy Rossum? 

** - Peter DeLuise

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