“Zoolander 2” Would See Hansel Suffering “Vanilla Sky”-Like Disfigurement

While making the rounds in support of "Big Year," star Owen Wilson got himself to talking about the long-awaited "Zoolander" sequel, and the horrors in store for his character should it get made.

“Hansel, he’s fallen on hard times,” Wilson told MTV. “There’s been a disfiguring injury... Think ‘Vanilla Sky.” One shudders top think about Hansel without his moneymaker... You can watch the interview here below.

The studio has a script for "Zoolander 2"--aka "Twolander"--written by Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux, all the principles seem to be up for it, the people want it... why this isn't getting made is anybody's guess.

Wilson's had an up-and-down year, as "Hall Pass" was largely ignored or reviled, he was fantastic in "Midnight in Paris," and people just hated "Cars 2." "The Big Year" marks his fourth and final film of 20111, and it finds him birdwatching across the globe with Steve Martin and Jack Black.

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