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East Haven Mayor Becomes Second Official Arrested This Week



    East Haven Mayor Becomes Second Official Arrested This Week
    Mayor April Capone-Almon of East Haven, seen in this file photo, was arrested Friday afternoon.

    Mayor April Capone-Almon and her assistant turned themselves in to East Haven's police Friday morning. They’re accused of interfering with police in a July 19th incident.

    Both women were processed and let go on a promise to appear in court. Hours later the Mayor found herself defending her actions on July 19th again, “I do believe that at all times I was acting in my authority and in the best interest of the people of East Haven.”

    The Mayor as been living under the shadow of a possible arrest for nearly a week. Friday the warrant was approved and the Mayor and her assistant Erica Berg were arrested.

    They're accused of stopping an officer from towing cars at Cosey Beach on July 19th. Officer Michael Sorbo also claims the Mayor yelled at him and demanded the cars be returned to their owners.

    Capone-Almon’s lawyer, William Dow says the town charter is proof of her innocence, “it would appear from the town charter that she has the authority to do the acts for which she's accused.”

    Her assistant was charged with the same misdemeanor. The Mayor came to her defense during a press conference held outside of Town Hall, “she really had nothing to do with any of the process at all.”

    In the meantime Capone-Almon says the focus remains the same, “it’s business as usual in the town of East Haven I will be doing what I do best which is supporting and fighting for the citizens and tax payers of our town.”

    She also says she is not worried about this arrest spilling into election season which is less than two months away, “that's really not my concern. My concern is the process which is believe in and I believe is fair- also the day to day operations of the town.”

    Capone-Almon and her assistant will be in court on September 16th. The Mayor says they plan to pled not guilty.