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Governor-Elect Says He Won't Add Taxes for New Programs



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    Dan Malloy addresses supporters in his victory speech in Hartford Aug. 10, 2010.

    Gov.-Elect Dan Malloy has chosen the leaders of his policy working groups to begin to determine how his administration will move forward while facing a nearly $3.5 billion budget gap.

    These groups are still being formed will work with Policy Transition Team co-chairs Linda Kelly and Joe McGee to gather information on their given policy areas, he said.

    The committee is responsible for formulating and proposing ideas that require no new spending. They are also encouraged to suggest ideas that would cut state spending.

    "We have a gigantic challenge before us -- how to balance a budget, learn how to live within our means and to begin the process of growing our economy," Malloy said.

    Municipal leaders are curious about how they will be affected and Malloy said he does not want to “further damage the relationship with local government and state government."

    Malloy said he won't balance the budget by slashing human services, especially as more people depend on them, but he also doesn’t want to put the state at a competitive disadvantage to grow business and jobs.

    Malloy said he will not raise taxes to pay for any new services, so he is asking his policy teams to find ways to fund any programs they wish to add. 

    Members of the working groups include:

    Agriculture Working Group

    Co-chairs Linda Auger and Dr. Greg Weidemann

    Children’s Services Working Group

    Jamey Bell. Another co-chair will be announced.

    Education Working Group

    Co-chairs Rep. Cam Staples and Dudley Williams

    Energy Working Group

    Co-chairs Lee Hoffman and Kathryn Moschella

    Environment Working Group

    Co-chairs Gary O’Connor and Jesse Stratton

    Healthcare Working Group

    Co-chairs Juan Figueroa and Dr. Tony Westbrook

    Housing Working Group

    Co-chairs Howard Rifkin and William McCue

    Human Services Working Group

    Co-chairs Ron Cretaro, Terry Edelstein and Toni Fatone

    Jobs/Economic Development Working Group

    Co-chairs Chandler Howard and Tony Sheridan

    Public Safety Working Group

    Co-chairs Theresa Lantz and another to be announced

    Technology Working Group

    Co-chairs Richard Hegwood and Walt Krauchik

    Transportation Working Group

    Co-chairs Al Goff and Brian Mercure