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Rell Announces Committee to Trim Government, Waste



    Rell Announces Committee to Trim Government, Waste
    Rell proposes committee to cut waste.

    In the last year, Gov. M. Jodi Rell pulled several archaic laws off the books. Now, she is a 24-member commission to examine government to eliminate redundancies and waste and cut the size and cost of state government.

    “Every institution, every structure, service, program and delivery mechanism will be evaluated,” Rell. “And it will be done in a non-partisan manner by all 3 branches of government.”

    Rell will appoint six members to represent the executive branch.  The Chief justice will appointed six and six each will be appointed by the Democratic and Republican leadership of the Legislature. 

    “There will be three chairs, one from each branch of government,” she said.

    They will have until Aug. 30 to conduct their work.

    “It includes:  agency mergers or eliminations; administrative overhead; outdated functions or services and better utilization of information technology,” she said.

    Then, she will create a separate four-person board, which is established on Sept. 1, to review the work and recommendations of the commission.

    They will also hold hearings and automatically accept those recommendations unless three out of four members vote to amend or reject any specific recommendation.

    They have until Dec. 1 to do the work.