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Social Conservative Group Endorses Foley for Governor



    The right leaning Family Institute of Connecticut endorsed the Republican Tom Foley in the race for governor (Published Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014)

    The Family Institute of Connecticut's Political Action Committee decided that the Republican in the race for Connecticut's governor's office is the right man for the job.

    "This comes down to one issue," said Peter Wolfgang, of the Family Institute. "The hot issue that we believe is going to attention at the State Capitol is assisted suicide."

    Wolfgang said Foley vowed his veto of legislation relating to assisted suicide.

    But the Family Institute is more widely known for its right-leaning stances on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

    Sources close to the Foley campaign told NBC Connecticut that if he were elected governor, Foley wouldn't change his positions as a pro-choice and same-sex marriage supporting Republican.

    Democrats don't buy that.

    "We just stand here confused about why Tom Foley would accept the endorsement of an organization that fought basic human rights for so long" said State Sen. Beth Bye, a Democrat in the General Assembly who represents Bloomfield and West Hartford.

    Democrats argue that the endorsement by such a right-leaning group could jeopardize some of the state's laws when it comes to issues like abortion and gay marriage, even though a governor's office controlled by a Republican would be handcuffed by a Democrat-controlled General Assembly.

    "Our campaign is happy to receive the endorsement of any group that recognizes the need to change direction toward a more proud and prosperous Connecticut," a spokesman for the Foley campaign said in a statement.

    Wolfgang says independent voters need to educate themselves on the issues and understand that topics other than assisted suicide just aren't on the horizon in Connecticut.

    "Issues like gay marriage and abortion just aren't going to come up" he said.