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Connecticut Professors Talks About New US Supreme Court Nomination

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History was made Friday when Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was officially nominated to the United States Supreme Court by President Biden.

Jackson’s selection is the result of a campaign promise by the president to appoint the high court’s first Black woman.

The moment was also a cause for celebration for University of Connecticut Law Dean and Professor Eboni Nelson.

“Black women have played a critical role in every aspect of our society and our democracy and our government. And so I think this is an aspect of acknowledging that and acknowledging the great perspective that we bring,” said Nelson who, like Jackson, is a graduate of Harvard Law.

Nelson said the nomination represents a historic moment and Jackson will bring new perspective on the high court, even if she's outside its conservative majority.

“Bringing her background, bringing her experiences, those of other members of her community, her lived experiences, sharing that with her fellow justices, as they deliberate and discuss cases can help to inform their decision making," Nelson said.

Though it won’t be without opposition, Southern Connecticut State University Political Science Professor Dr. Jonathan Wharton thinks Jackson’s confirmation process may be less eventful than other recent nominees, given she received Senate confirmation to her seat on the federal appeals court less than a year ago.

“I think that's one of the reasons why, you know, President Biden selected her because she recently went through nomination. And you know, there's at least a track record to prove that she is followed in some ways similar to her former boss that she clerked for,” said Wharton.

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