Decision 2020

A Nation Divided? Voters React to Uncertainty of Election News

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Whether you’re glued to the screen or keeping your distance from all the election news, everyone has an opinion on the election. But there’s also real concern from voters about what this means for the future, well after the results are in.

“It’s really affected every moment of my waking day,” said Farmington resident Kat Becker-St. Germain.

“I just can’t really believe how divided the nation is over this,” said Wallingford resident Cassie Doll.

It’s been just a few days since voters cast their ballot, and as the counting continues, people across the country are wondering what happens next.

“I wouldn’t blame anyone for being confused. There are 50 different states out there, 50 different sets of laws, 50 different secretary of states to think about. On the whole, this process is normal, and it's what we've come to expect. We just have to remember that this is the democratic process working, and we need to be patient with it,” said Eastern Connecticut State University Associate Professor of History Thomas Balcerski.

Balcerski said he has no concerns about voter fraud because studies show it’s extremely rare. But he said the politicization of it is concerning, especially when it calls into question the faith in the election process.

Voters we spoke to said it concerns them too.

“It’s disgusting to me that there are people questioning our democracy and how it works and the election process,” said Becker-St. Germain.

“Counting those mail-in votes is really important because not everybody could make it, and I think it’s really important to count those votes because they matter. Everybody’s vote matters,” said Doll.

Despite what’s said in the political world, Balcerski said all the questions, the litigation, the accusations around the election process will, in the end, make the process stronger because it will show the resiliency of the system.

“I think this will actually restore faith in democracy if we can show that every ballot is counted. I think recounts and lawsuits are part of the process, and in some ways, are part of our uniquely American system,” said Balcerski.

Balcerski emphasized the large turnout in the election and how more voters participating leads to a healthy and vibrant system. He said he’s not surprised to see the politicization of the process happening in 2020 but believes that it’s a moment in time that won’t spread much past that.

“The idea that this country is going backwards, is taking a step in the wrong direction, I think while it may be how people feel, doesn’t seem to be a basis in reality. In fact, in reality, the vote has never been stronger,” said Balcerski.

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