Decision 2020

AG Tong: No Case Yet for Election Fraud

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“You can’t just go knock on the door of the Supreme Court and say here I am take my case,” Attorney General William Tong said.

As ballots across the country continue to be counted, Tong said contrary to President Donald Trump’s comments, there’s no case for fraud.

“These are largely state law issues and to go to the Supreme Court - anybody including the President of United States has to have a good claim, good facts to bring a case and they have to start in the lower courts a district court or state court and work their way up,” Tong said.

Tong saidhe’s been on the phone since sunrise with attorneys general in battleground states, ready to take on a ballot battle if needed.

“I’m ready I’m ready to help and I’m ready to fight to make sure that every single vote is counted,” Tong said.

Tong said pre-election litigation continues. He was one of the first attorneys general to sue the US Postal Service ahead of the election. He said he’s now prepared to take them to court for not following an order to sweep postal facilities for ballots the past several days.

“It appears the postal service may not have followed those orders and openly disobeyed those orders and so we will be in court on that,” Tong said.

NBC CT Investigates tested the speed on U.S. Postal Service mail in Connecticut ahead of Election Day.

While other state’s votes could take days to count, Tong said he’s confident in Connecticut’s vote credibility.

“I don’t expect a very long delay here in Connecticut, I haven’t heard any complaints that suggests that people aren’t going to be patient and they won’t respect the process,” Tong said.

Tong said as the clock continues to tick post-election, he’ll be watching any cases that could come up in other states attacking vote counts and the counting process that could apply to Connecticut’s voting laws.

“At the end of the day if we don’t have pre-fair and accurate elections if we don’t have a peaceful transfer of power we don’t have a country,” Tong said.

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