Foley Says Recount May Be Needed

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Republican Tom Foley is not conceding the governor's race and said it might take a a few days, and possibly a recount, to know for sure who won the election on Tuesday.  

Foley spoke to the media on Friday, hours after the mayor of Bridgeport released voting numbers indicating that Democrat Dan Malloy garnered 13,000 votes in the city, enough to give him the edge in the disputed governor's race.

Foley said he wants to meet with Bridgeport officials about voting irregularities and that Connecticut is "being laughed at" across thr country.

The numbers Mayor Bill Finch had and the numbers the registrars of voters will submit to the Secretary of the State are different, Foley said. 

"Connecticut deserves better, Connecticut deserves to know what the actual votes were," Foley said. "Until we know that, we don't want to make any decisions."

Foley said it is “unfortunate” that Connecticut residents have had to wait three days for the numbers, and he said he want to ensure the certainty of the election.

“All ballots are supposed to be counted the night of the election,” Foley said. “To be counting ballots three days later is unusual.”

Foley also blasted Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz for releasing official numbers and said numbers have since been revised. In Torrington, he said, numbers were revised to show an additional 2,000 votes in his favor. 

The official numbers are still being tallied and will be given to the Secretary of the State on Friday.

"We're going to take whatever time it takes to get there," Foley said.

In the meantime, both Foley and Malloy are moving ahead with transition teams.

'“I appreciate and respect Tom Foley’s perspective, but as Nancy and I have been since early Wednesday morning, we are 100 percent confident that we have been chosen by the voters to be Connecticut's next Governor and Lieutenant Governor.  And chosen by a margin comfortably outside what is required for a recount," Malloy said. "“As is the case with more than a few other races in other states across the country, this race is taking a few extra days to play out.  Nancy and I think it should be allowed to play out in an orderly fashion and we support the process established by law."

Chris Covucci, state field director for the Foley campaign, spoke after the mayor released the numbers and said the numbers that were to be faxed out on Thursday night had Malloy with fewer votes than he had this morning.

“There are a number of numbers that have been bouncing around, at least three, and it’s inaccurate to say this is the final number,” Covucci said. “We think the tallying process was flawed.”

This also comes after Democratic operatives approached Republican officials about a surprise bag of uncounted ballots, according to Bridgeport GOP Chairman Marc Delmonico.

The totals still need to be certified by Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz.

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