Ganim Threatens to File Complaint Against Lamont

With the primary just four days away, gubernatorial hopeful Democrat Joe Ganim is bearing down on new accusations surfacing against his opponent Ned Lamont.

Ganim claims high-level Democrats may have illegally helped Ned Lamont gather voter information from other campaigns.

The story was first reported in the Hartford Courant.

Now Ganim is threatening to file a complaint as soon as Monday with Connecticut’s Elections Enforcement Commission.

“The Lamont campaign it falls on their lap. They're the beneficiaries of this information- survey information - they need to come clean with all of us before primary day,” Ganim said.

Marc Bradley, Ned Lamont’s campaign manager, responded with the following statement.

"Joe Ganim doesn't understand the meaning of honesty and integrity and he doesn't deserve a shred of public trust. Joe lives in a world where coercing city employees and city contractors for campaign contributions is the norm, and playing fast and loose with the facts is standard operating procedure. This false smear on Ned is nothing more than Joe Ganim's swan song in his campaign for Governor. This is a critical election and we are confident that Democratic voters will stand with Ned to bring real change to Hartford."

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