Justin Elicker

Justin Elicker Wins Another Term as Mayor of New Haven

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New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker was elected to his second term Tuesday night.

The Democrat defeated Republican John Carlson and a number of other challengers by a wide margin.

"We were very confident that we would do well and quite confident we would win. I've got to say, I didn't realize we would win by this much," Elicker said Tuesday night.

The final vote totals had not yet been made official.

Elicker's first term began shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic sent New Haven and the rest of the country into lockdown. Elicker said his margin of victory shows his administration has done what it can to navigate the situation.

"That's a big deal in any circumstance and I think that's a real testament that we are going in the right direction, Elicker said. "Our city has handled ourselves really well -- not just because of COVID and how we've responded to COVID -- but so many other initiatives that we have worked on to get across the finish line."

See a full list of election results here.

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