Linda Ready To Run Again

Republican & former CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment might be gearing up to throw her hat back into the ring.

According to the Greenwich TIme several people familiar with McMahon's plans say the Greenwich resident has already hired a campaign manager for her second shot at a Senate seat. 

The paper says that Rebulican insiders say that 30-year-old, Corry Bliss, has been picked to head the campaign.  The Republican strategist has worked on several high-profile races in Virginia and Vermont.

McMahon hasn't declared that she'll run but Bliss says "I think she'd be a great candidate and would be interested in helping her if she so chose to run for the Senate." 

McMahon spent $50 million of her personal money on an unsuccessful bid for the Senate in 2010.  She came up short against longtime Democratic state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. 

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