Malloy Responds to Foley's Claims of Unethical Behavior

Tom Foley, a possible gubernatorial candidate, stood by his accusations on Monday

Gov. Dannel Malloy responded publicly Monday to accusations by gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley.

Foley, a possible candidate for governor, made several unsubstantiated claims over the weekend that Malloy has acted unethically while in office.

"He's factually incorrect on the points he is making and continuing to make," Gov. Malloy said.

Over the weekend Foley accused Malloy of unethical conduct.

Among the accusations, the Republican claims the governor pressured towns to hire the law firm of a former aide, Andrew McDonald. Foley also charged that another former aide, Roy Occhiogrosso's communications firm, won a state contract. And he said Department of Energy and Environmental Protection commissioner Dan Esty was given his job as payback for Malloy being hired in his consulting firm.

All of the parties involved have denied the charges.

"I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about it," Malloy said. "I'm the governor of the State of Connecticut. I've got a job."

Foley said he received the information from unnamed sources but provided no evidence of his claims.

On Monday he continued to stand behind them.

"A leader comes out and addresses issues like this firmly," Foley said. "If he's saying what I'm saying is untrue than he's not well informed."

Foley went on to say this could all be answered if Governor Malloy releases tax information.

"The Governor should release his tax statements and tax returns from 2006 to 2010," Foley said.

Foley is among four Republicans looking to challenge Governor Malloy next November although he has only announced an exploratory committee.

Asked what he thought what was behind Foley's accusations, Malloy responded, "I have no idea to tell you the truth."

Malloy would not give a timetable as to when he may announce a bid for a second term.

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