Markley Wins GOP Nomination for Lieutenant Governor

State Sen. Joe Markley has secured the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor over opponents Jayme Stevenson and Erin Stewart.

Markley is considered by many in the Connecticut General Assembly to be the single most conservative member of the body.

He’s a fiscal and social conservative, a reliable challenger to liberals and progressives in the State Senate, and even to moderate Republicans.

He says it’s for those reasons that he would help the GOP nominee for governor, and not drag the ticket down in any way.

Markley is anti-abortion, and recently picked up the endorsement of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, the leading gun rights advocacy group in the state.

It remains to be seen of Markley's conservative values in a state where those views are less widespread will help him beat out a Democratic opponent for statewide office.

He will go up against Democratic candidate Susan Susan Bysiewicz in the general election.

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