Connecticut Gets Another Tea Party

And it's all about politics

Getty Images

Democrats, Republicans and the Connecticut Tea Party. 

This tea party has nothing to do with Darjeeling, scones or cucumber sandwiches. It's a new political party in the state and a group of western Connecticut activists registered the name with the Secretary of the State’s office, the Hartford Courant reports.

The group’s goal is, "To ensure that the Democratic and Republican caucuses are prepared to put forth candidates that are ready to go to to work for the people, and not continue the status quo that's caused the problems both locally and at the state and federal levels,'' Dan Gaita, of Bethel, the party’s chairman, told the Courant.

There are a few similarly named groups, according to the Tea Party Groups Web site, including the Connecticut Tea Party Patriots.

Tanya Bachand, who runs that group, told the Courant that the news of the new groups registration made her a bit concerned. But after talking with Gaita, Bachand said she was no longer uneasy.

In their effort to get ballot access, Gaita and his fellow activists are working on getting signatures and endorsing candidates in the future. 

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