Trimming English Requirement for Stylists

A state law gets rid of the English-only requirement for hairdressers

Connecticut will no longer split hairs over barbers and stylists who don't speak English.

In January, a new state law will go into effect that grants haircutting licenses to people who are licensed in other states even if they can't speak fluent English. The rules won't help people who have earned barber or hairdressing licenses outside the United States.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health requires barbers and hairdressers to pass a state licensing exam in English. If an applicant has earned a license in a state that gives exams in languages other than English, they must pass an English proficiency test.

Anyone who cuts hair for a living without a valid license is violating the state's public health code.

On the other hand, one law we believe remains on the books is legislation in Waterbury that makes it illegal for a stylist to hum, whistle or sing while working on a customer, in any language.

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