“Free Haven” – Seceding From the City

What do you do if you're unhappy with your city? If you're a New Haven man, you start a campaign to secede.

Joe Bishop, who lives on East Rock Road, has put up a lawn sign calling for the East Rock neighborhood to secede from New Haven, the New Haven Independent reports. 

"The property taxes are an outrage," Bishop told the paper.

Bishop says the current tax structure "transfers wealth away from this neighborhood to other parts of the city," he says.

He feels an upscale neighborhood should not be "in the same tax base as places that have urban decay."  

 The neighborhood should break away from New Haven and create its own city, he told the Independent.

He'd call the new municipality East Rock, or even "Free Haven," he said.

He's set up a Web site to promote his secessionist idea.

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