2012 Carrier Classic Won’t Be in San Diego

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We're taking a break from the train wreck that has become the 2011-12 men's basketball season to look ahead to next year. We figure taking your mind of the team's current troubles is the least we can do, if only briefly.

Back in December, we mentioned that the Huskies had committed to playing in next season's Carrier Classic, the unofficial kickoff of the basketball season that includes a game played on an aircraft carrier. UNC and Michigan State were the inaugural participants this year.

But the game was originally slated to be played in San Diego on the USS Carl Vinson. Details via the Hartford Courant:

UConn's scheduled trip to San Diego next November has been scuttled. The organizers of the Carrier Classic will have to move the game from San Diego, where it was played on the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson last November. There will not be an active carrier off San Diego available to play the game next year. …

UConn signed a memorandum of understanding to play in the game next November, but no opponent had been firmed up. Arizona was considered a likely choice.

So, yes, more bad news for the program, but at least it didn't include an actual loss, or threats of missing the 2012 or 2013 NCAA Tournaments.

Plus, the game hasn't been scrapped altogether. The Morale Entertainment Foundation told the Associated Press that they are scouting new locations, including carriers now serving as museums.

Back in the present, Jim Calhoun has been released from the hospital following his successful back surgery Monday.

"I spoke to him [Tuesday] afternoon," associate head coach George Blaney said according to the Courant, "we talked about the game. He's still doing okay."

There's still no word on when or if Calhoun will return to the bench this season. The team might be beyond the point of no return, in which case Calhoun should get plenty of rest and prepare for 2012-13. Nothing good can come of rushing him back to the bench only to watch UConn continue to play uninspired basketball.

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