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Brandon Jacobs Rips Fans...Again

Jacobs doesn't care about fans, but says they are making his job harder



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    Careful everybody, Jacobs has a helmet and isn't afraid to use it.

    We're going to miss Brandon Jacobs when he's gone.

    Not because of what he gives the Giants on the field, because we've already been missing his old thundering running style for a few years now. We're going to miss him because there's no player more willing to step up and make himself a target for all the negativity that the rest of the team is generating in the fan base.

    Festivus is still about a month away, but Jacobs is already airing his grievances.

    Jacobs did that after Sunday night's dreadful loss when he said that the best thing Giants fans know how to do is boo. That should make everyone who the team held up at gunpoint for huge PSLs two years ago feel pretty good about that decision.

    The fact that Jacobs went on WFAN Wednesday and doubled down on his nastiness toward the people who spend their time and money on the team (and, per Jacobs, kick the team when it is down) should make them feel even better. Happy Thanksgiving, gang!

    "It’s up to them whether or not they want to boo. And that’s what they do," Jacobs said. "We don’t want to hear that. We don’t want to hear anybody as we’re trying to work hard and play and overcome adversity as it is already. And they’re making it even harder for us to overcome our adversity when they do things like that."

    This is all from a player who has said time and again that he doesn't care what the fans think of him. Jacobs did not elaborate on why someone who doesn't care would have a harder job because people he doesn't care about are making sounds in the stands, but we can only assume he's sticking up for teammates who desperately need the approval of the fans.

    We kid, because if Jacobs has made anything obvious during his time with the Giants it is that he cares way too much about the fans, be they booing hometowners or targets for a petulant helmet toss when the Giants are on the road. At least he stopped short of telling fans that they lead miserable lives, but you probably only need to say such things once to get your point across.

    Look, fans boo when things aren't going right. Some of them want to do that, but most are there to have something to cheer about and they are going to respond negatively when they watch Jacobs and his teammates get pushed all over the field by their biggest rivals.

    Worrying about that is about as useful as realizing after the game that it helps to show up ready to play before it starts. The most alarming thing about the last two weeks isn't that the Giants lost twice, it is that the response to those losses has been exactly the same as the response to their downturns in the last two seasons.

    There's a lot of talk, most of it very bold and full of things you want to hear about working hard to turn things around, and then the on-field action is exactly the same as it was the week before. Maybe the answer to avoiding a different result in the second half of this season is trying something different this time around?

    Time will tell, but if you're in a gambling mood you should take the over on nonsensical Jacobs rants.